About us

Where We Started

It all started with one simple idea…. nothing more, just a single light bulb moment where Mike Forbes decided to himself that he wanted to start his very own Chocolate Mass Band. Launched at Notting Hill 2009, the first year from conception to reality was a quick turnaround of three weeks and we have not looked back since.

It was the beginning of our legacy and we are ecstatic about the success we have achieved in such a short time and are thankful for and always appreciative of our loyal following that make up the multicultural melting pot of Chocolate Nation revellers.


Who We Are

We are a community of family and close friends united together because of our love for Soca and Carnival. Entertaining our revellers with a mixture of Soca, Calypso and Chutney music, our aim is committed to re- creating the energy, vibrancy and spirit of Carnival which is an important part of who we are, through the music. In short we do this out of love for our culture and passion for music and we see this as a natural compulsion to promote our culture to everyone and anyone who will listen. Our journey has not been easy with many obstacles put in our way, we have continued and will always aim to continue to bring those pure moments of joy that make up UK Chocolate Nation Sundays! We have faced obstacles yes, but we are still learning and will continue learning, forever striving for that perfect recipe and in the meantime we grow stronger and wiser as every year passes.

We would not be here if it weren’t for out Chocolate Nation Revellers, we are the band that we are because of them and are forever thankful, may it long continue.


Company Details:

Chocolate Nation Mas Limited (08607087), Office 10, 10-12 Baches Street, London N1 6DL